The retirement is a long process that requires knowledge of the legislation in the field of social insurance, needed documents and deadlines for submission.
To all of you, who are at the end of your career and are about to collide with huge volume of documents, deadlines and requirements, visit to the NSSI and multiple letters for correcting of mistakes and errors in one pension case, we would like to offer our professional services.

If you would like the end your employment career to go smoothly and freely and to make sure that you are going to get the exact amount of the pension due in accordance with the state legislation, contact us for advice and assistance.
We will review your documents and will give you the best advice. For information about the price of the services, please send us a request.


  • We provide consultations related to the pension granting according to Social Insurance Code;
  • We prepare and submit any kind of applications for granting and recalculation of all types of pensions and supplements thereto;
  • We search for employment service and retirement contributory income;
  • For companies` owners and managers and individuals under service contracts we certify social insurance documents in the NSSI;
  • We calculate the best three consecutive years of the last 15 years of contributory income before the 31st of December 1996;
  • We calculate individual pension coefficient;
  • We calculate the pension amount;
  • We calculate the insufficiency of retirement service, which may be purchased in accordance with Article 9 of the SIC;