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Complete accounting and tax service on a subscription base.

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Payroll services.

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Keeping of оn-going accounting. Preparation of journals, VAT Returns and VIES VAT returns. Preparation of Intrastat declarations and their submission to the NRA.


Preparation of labour contracts, service contracts and contracts for management and control. Consultations.Other.


NRA registration of self-insured persons. Calculating the social insurance contributions due. Pension entitlement. Other.


Collection of documents from the client's office; Online banking; Registration and deregistration in accordance with the Value Added Tax Act.

We are SK Praktika

Accounting Office PRAKTIKA is a specialized accounting company, established in the town of Plovdiv, active on the market of accounting and consultancy services since 2008. We offer a full range of accounting and payroll services, consultations in the field of tax, social insurance and labor legislation.

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The annual one-off accounting servicing is oriented towards relatively small companies in the service sector, not VAT registered, with irregular number of invoices per month, ranging from 1 to 5, with one bank account and one cash register.
We provide consultations related to the pension granting according to Social Insurance Code. We prepare and submit any kind of applications for granting and recalculation of all types of pensions and supplements.
Outsourcing is the modern way of working. It saves time, money and unnecessary troubles. Consultation, related to the form of personnel recruitment.
Declaration of conclusions, amendments and terminations of contracts to the NRACharging of labour remunerations. Calculation of sick leaves and leaves
Submission of information for the persons insured in the Personal register – Declarations 1 and 6
We offer advice on taxation, social security and health insurance for sole trader, self-employed persons, persons who receive or pay rental income, persons who perform labor under contract. Preparation and submission of annual tax return.
Company registration and re-registration. Publication of annual financial reports. Issuance of certificate for the applicable legislation A1. 


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