• Keeping of оn-going accounting.
  • Preparation of individual chart of accounts.
  • Preparation and application of accounting policy.
  • Accounting of Fixed tangible assets and Non-operating fixed assets.
  • Preparation of journals, VAT Returns and VIES VAT returns and their submission to the NRA.
  • Preparation of Intrastat declarations and their submission to the NRA.
  • Filing and accounting of stock of inventory.
  • Charging of withholding tax by virtue of the Corporate Income Tax Act and Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act
  • Preparation of Annual financial reports, which comply with the National Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs and IAS
  • Preparation of annual tax returns
  • Preparation of accounting information for business purposes.
  • Assistance in case of stock-taking and audit.
  • Consultations on cases arising in the practice and due to changes in the legislation.
  • Timely information about any changes in the tax and social insurance and labor legislation.
  • Data processing with flexible financial - accounting program with an opportunity for electronic information exchange.

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